Summary Points

- The importance of building new experiences quickly and effectively
- The early stages you learn your audience deeply, then you monetise through value delivery
- Business growth as a result of the model
- Versatility prevents your services becoming repetitive, uninspiring and out of touch (an expedited lifecycle online)

The Importance Of An Effective Space Station

When operating a digital fitness service you need a clear strategy to define your growth with systems in place to ensure you’re progressing effectively. A successful development strategy surrounding your value proposition, whether that’s HIIT classes, meditation programme or something more complex, ensures you can continue to consistently improve your services in line with your member's most desired health & fitness requirements.

Your value proposition (the total sum of your experiences) can be broken down into its base principles which allows you the perspective to build new experiences which help you stand out in a crowded market. The higher the quality of your experiences the greater impact it will have on your members health and business growth. You need to move quickly from gathering key data, analysing and investigating that data, creating new experiences with that synthesized data, specialising with deeper learning and finally personalising the experience for each member.

Back when I first designed the first-principles model of an effective experience I broke it down as different parts of a Space Station, which was part of a bigger concept called the Galaxy Model (the top-secret inner workings of our business model). The Space Station has everything you need to build consistent, high-quality and profitable experiences that your members will love, putting their success at the heart of your business growth.

Crafting Stand Out Experiences

What is the Space Station model then?

I've nurtured plenty of interesting and impactful experiences that are redefining health & fitness goals and in doing so have created a process to ensure success is assured. I’ve broken down the strategy into five steps that help you create more impactful experiences for your members.

For the member, the process goes from 
Stage 1 — ‘This is a problem I don’t know how to solve’ → Stage 5 — ‘I am in control of this aspect of my health and confident of beating any external influences on it’

Thinking of new ideas for your members is tough. You want to ensure everything is done to the standard of the workouts and programmes you craft. It is easy to rest on your knowledge and conviction of your niche skills and define your service on these terms. But you have the capacity to develop dynamic services within your values and training ethos, across all aspects of health development that matter to your community.

Do you consider where your workout programmes fit each members health development?
Do you consider the role of nutrition and how you can work that into member development?
What influence can you have on mental health that ties into your values?

By following the steps below you can craft your own strategy for developing consistently impressive health experiences that speak to your members truest health needs. If you’ve wanted to build a nutrition strategy, support mental health or build deeper relationships and confidence through social health, then put your mission-driven ideas through this process. The outcomes will be of huge benefit to your community and your business as you create an incredible new concept unique to your brand.

Whole System Approach

This five-stage process has a whole system approach as foundational to creating an incredible experience. Make your members feel included in the potential development of health components most valuable to them. Give your team greater flexibility to use their passion and insight to add greater impact. Understand what competitors and the wider industry are doing and why. Utilise the right software and tech to enhance the experience. This first principles thinking enables you to build more effectively, saving time and resources on the path to life-changing experiences.

On with the strategy.

1) Discovery

Objective: Understanding what is influencing your member's health and where the support is most required


Imagine that every time you created a new experience for your members it was their most important hour of the day. Now, what if this could be multiple times a day based on the dynamic nature of their health. You have the capacity to be inside the head of each member of your community and start creating experiences and solutions to a versatile set of problems.

Your Community

This comes from knowing your demographic and having an open culture that allows people to express their concerns across each component of health. Through increased dialogue across your social platforms and internal groups new challenges and issues are always being expressed.

Your coaches play a role in stoking conversation and engaging with members to ensure every voice is measured on equal footing.

The Broader Consumer

While the focus will be on your community they won’t tell you everything and as you scale the voices will become more dynamic (word) in their health problems. Sometimes you have to think bigger than the day to day health concerns of each member and research what consumer trends are impacting health on a societal level.

This is all about keeping your finger to the pulse.

Practical Steps

  • Review the data you have coming in from your communities behaviours and look at key trends to identify problems
  • Review your communication platforms to determine your capacity to bring in new ideas and develop a more open culture
  • Always be asking questions and challenging ideas across different areas of health. Ideas that build popularity are your most important
  • Spend an hour every week with your team brainstorming new ideas

2) Development

Objective: Generating interest for more meaningful development of your initial idea.


Data only tells you so much before you have to explore the dynamic nature of each health component to identify how to best deliver the experience. Building the experience with the trust and insight of your community will create a greater sense of connection to the experience and carry more meaning. This will encourage greater participation and quality of outcomes.

Intentional Development

Transparency is a core component of the user experience these days. Each member wants to feel like their health is being taken into consideration when producing the experience. Even though the experience may go out to thousands they will still feel like they have had an input if you actively open out the conversation in designing your experiences, questioning where their personal health journey would be benefitted. This could include the platform used, length of session, complexity required and even direct subject matter.

Internal Marketing

As you develop the idea in Stage 2 you are raising the awareness of the importance of the health component within your community. If in Stage 1 you identified that your demographic needs support in stress management, Stage 2 opens a deeper conversation about the challenges of stress management and the practical nature of the problems attached to life.

External Marketing

You want to build customer acquisition into experiences as a more incisive way of operating your business through scaling while adding value. The research you do and content you create to deliver the experience for your community can be used to advertise and market your brand effectively. If you are developing a nutrition programme for post-natal women then you can use the content you're developing to build further interest in your brand through social media pages.

Practical Steps

  • Move from quantitative research to qualitative development
  • Use these insights to demonstrate competence in supporting the issue
  • Create posts that spark conversation and honesty to improve your strategy for experience delivery

By now you will have understood your communities most pressing health concerns and areas for development and explored the depth of the idea to make impactful outcomes. While doing this you have increased the support for the idea both internally and externally to make the most of the experience going into Stage 3, the value stage.

3) Practical

Objective: Deliver an exceptional experience


Now its time to craft an exceptional experience that is equal parts inspiring, empowering, impactful and enjoyable so each member is developing their health while being kept close to their health journey


Coaching principles, learning and empowerment, social situation, emotion, character and values, system integration and delivery type all play important roles in how the final experience takes shape. Create experiences that immerse each member and give them clarity and purpose on their health journey and your service will take on a whole new level of importance.

While other brands are providing simple fitness services that have little impact on their members you can deliver incredible quality that creates reinforced buy-in from each member, connecting them closer to your brand.

You will need to check out this article on how to optimise each experience.


  • Build systems to ensure that each of these components is optimised as you deliver high-quality health & fitness content online
  • Price accordingly. Building superior systems around dynamic health components makes your service more valuable. Structure your pricing strategy so it reflects the quality of your outcomes.

4) Specialise

Objective: Bringing in the right external coaches and specialists to create innovative experiences that answer the deeper health questions your members need answering.


In stage 3 you demonstrated the exciting nature of building a different area of your members health, but we know how complex it can be to turn that into a habit and something that goes towards enhancing their overall health journey. You may lack the capacity to deliver more complex nutritional or mental health services that your community needs the most, but there are plenty of people that can provide the support needed.

Sourcing The Right Support

Having understood where your experience needs further development you are in a great position to reach out to the right coach or specialist to offer the opportunity to engage with your community through your brand values.

Exchange time, exchange community/audience, exchange money.

Price Point

The higher standard and personalisation within a Stage 4 experience allows for greater fees. This can be structured through membership tiers or tickets. These advanced experiences present opportunities to deliver services outside your membership base and crucially lead these to full memberships.


  • Start to build a database of coaches and specialists that you feel will enhance your experiences and leave a significant mark on your community. Look out for their audience size and engagement and reviews of their services as two key components of their success
  • Reconsider the best delivery solution. Often having a specialist at your disposal means you just want to let them talk or demonstrate their skills and knowledge, though a better experience may be a full Q&A or workshop which allows your community to dictate how the experience unfolds within your defined parameters of success.
  • Audience Development — These coaches will have their own audience that you obtain access to and invite to join the experience. Accessing these audiences, many of which are more substantial than your own, will develop your reach and customer acquisition.

5) Commitment

Objective: Building consistent behaviours around lifestyle and positive habits that keep each member in control of this element of their health.


Important in developing Health Intelligence that provides a greater perspective on each persons health. As they learn valuable concepts and personalise them to their own health, the ideas will help develop other areas of their health that remain important. A simple example of this is selecting a time to practise yoga when they know their energy is at its lowest and they are unproductive with work.


  • Create frameworks that ensure member success as a result of the experience. Don’t leave behaviour change and habit development up to chance. Entice community cooperation and sharing of successes to help create a group commitment to shared health development. Building out your member profile with further rewards and gamification will reinforce these ideals
  • Consider how the experience leads to further coaching opportunities. Personal training, individual programmes and other personalised upsells will allow for continued profitability following the success and commitment of the member's health following the experience.


Member Success

Member success and business growth go hand in hand. By structuring exciting experiences and ensuring each member is progressing towards their goals, with a commitment to their health journey, makes you primed for business growth.

Business Growth With The Model

While the majority of fitness brands are slowly creating new services fixed on fitness you have the capacity to become so much more, adding a range of deeper health and wellness experiences. This results in reduced churn and improved CLV, an increase in sales and more referrals. Price increases and more dynamic pricing models will follow.

Predictable Growth

Putting this Space Station model into your business systems will allow you to create new experiences with speed and quality. Systems create results and predictable revenue generation in a competitive online health & fitness market