Sometimes it is the most simple questions that yield the strongest outcomes.

‘What makes you stand out?’ is one that is becoming increasingly relevant and the common undoing of conventional brands in the digital health & fitness marketplace.

The online fitness world was an increasingly competitive landscape even before gyms got heavily involved. Spurred on by the rapid growth in at home fitness adoption due to the pandemic an online fitness offering has become essential for gyms and a wake up call for fitness apps.

The online consumer is more fickle, with more selfish motives away from the community and location confines of the physical space.

Not only is there a battle to get new customers in, but equally to keep them.

Live and On-Demand classes are already yesterdays news. New ideas for exciting and integrative experiences are required to help you stand out.

And this is where you’re giraffe comes in. An experience that is based around your values and ethos to health & fitness that is novel and exciting to potential new customers. They see you not just as another online service, but a brand with an edge and personality.

Identify The Giraffe

This comes in two parts. First identifying what you are most passionate about across different principles of health. Everyone in the fitness industry is passionate about training, so you will struggle to stand out here. Dig deeper. What aspects of training are you most passionate about when setting up your programme? How do these components influence other areas of health? Can you bundle these in to create a unique concept you are passionate about delivering?

Feed The Giraffe

You’ve got a standout experience that is drawing members in and pleasing your existing membership base. Your job now is to innovate this experience and constantly be adding more for it to grow in strength. Can you develop a broader programme around this health experience? Can you further personalise the outcomes so each member is taking more from the experience? Can you push a greater community ethic towards mutual health development so members have greater accountability and social interaction advancing the impact of the experience?

Create New Giraffes…?

Ok, the analogy is wearing a bit thin, but by now you get the picture.

Creating stand-out experiences is what will define your brand in the congested world of online health & fitness.

You should never stop trying to innovate your experiences because you need to ensure you maintain novelty and excitement within your community.

As you do this look to new idea that serve members health & fitness problems which you can begin to create a new experience around and develop that into a giraffe of its own.

Continue to be one of the buffalo herd or stand out like a giraffe and reap the rewards of your innovation.

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