Your Health Hub is designed to be your companies digital home for your members to develop their health together. This can be through an app, software or mix of platforms. It can also be an extension of your physical space.

The sphere of influence you create within your brand values, character and ethos has an important connection to your member's health. It is vitally a safe space that each member feels comfortable in engaging with, as the coaches and community are known allies to their health journey.

The importance of this can't be understated. We are being constantly bombarded by confusing health messages, misleading information, conflicting views from people we are meant to trust. This is often crafted with financial motives whose aim is often ensuring the consumer stays confused about their health and relies on the brands solutions.

This is part of the reason why the health journey is so difficult to stick to and why many of your members fail to continue their health commitment and stop showing up. You’re losing customers through absolutely no fault of your own. But there is something you can do about this that goes a long way with consumers commitment to your service.

Leadership & Authority

Your members see you as the authority when navigating their health challenges. It’s important to own this. Taking a bit-part approach to their membership makes them perceive your service as bit-part to their health. Do not leave your members in limbo of where to go and who to trust when it comes to managing health challenges. Set your business up to be their first point of contact whatever problem they’re facing. Even if you can’t give a helpful answer, your supportive actions ad making an effort to direct them to a trusted source will be vital in their connection to you and your ability to help them take responsibility for their health journey.

An active role from your coaches in the community discussion promotes their role of influence and authority in your member's eyes. Coaches can answer questions, suggest content and help moderate conversation. Your coaches will be seen as the key point of connection to each of the members, even those who do not attend their classes or receive personal training directly. Developing this ecosystem of problem-solving and guidance within your community platforms creates a much closer connection to your services and encourages members to work together in a safe space that you have carefully coordinated.

The Collective Brain

Your community has a significant impact on how each member navigates the development of their health. Sometimes it is not the coach that provides the valuable insight that someone needs to improve their health, but another member. A lived experience can have the same impact, making peer to peer health development a significant part of your offering. Within community dynamics it extends beyond peer to peer as each member who has the capacity to add value will provide their own insight alongside the authority of the coaches.

It can be one member opening up about their struggles with dieting, or another member expressing mental health concerns. Keeping the conversation within a safe space and away from the misleading world of online health solutions provides comfort and solution-oriented thinking. Opening up about the problem goes a long way and it can lead to the action steps needed which can extend beyond the capabilities of community and your authority within the health hub. But not only will they have the support and guidance of those who share their values, but they will have the confidence to go further and find the right level of support they need to solve their problem.


Within connected communities, problems are not only shared but are addressed with greater context around health. Being exclusively within your niche, whether that's a fitness studio, yoga studio or more focused niche, shouldn't limit your capacity to use connection to discuss broader health ideas. While we are inevitably moving to an era of personalisation we equally require the need for shared experiences when addressing our health. Personalisation isn’t always the best outcome if that personalisation is being taken down the wrong path. Connection to a community within a health hub provides perspective to help reassess each members health journey in the right way.

The strongest communities share a commitment to others. There is an active desire to help other members improve their health and perform at their best. The stronger the leadership emphasis on this shared attitude towards health, the greater the coaches and members buy into these positive ideals of a shared health mission. This doesn’t just apply to getting PB’s or records, but members showing consistency in their training or diet, as well as them taking significant and uncomfortable steps in other areas of their health and wellbeing.

Be Real — Call the BS

We have to treat health & fitness as a lifestyle. This means making your health hub as relatable as possible to the realities of managing the personal health journey. The community and health hub isn’t designed to be a view to the optimum outcomes. You will form better connections within the health hub if you do more to make your coaches and leaders relatable in their advice. Often calling out the misinformation and biased information is the most essential component.

Be smart about being smart. Always make informed oppositions so you remain the authority and retain the trust of your members. If you don’t have ‘the answer’ then encouraging conversation can be an equally impactful solution when the question remains too difficult but important enough to address.


Creating trust in your relationship with your members plays an underutilized role. It is hard to separate yourself from someone or a community that you trust with your health as the impact can be profound. Actively working on developing trust comes from the authentic and organic conversations about the lifestyle components of health. Not just the structured training and coaching practices.

The powerful forces of connection, leadership, trust and togetherness will drive any business forward and for uncomfortable and challenging health and fitness experiences they remain a pivotal and inspiring component of growth.

Focus on getting these right.