Active Spaces

A Whole New Concept

The only place you'll find answers to the three most important questions to advance health & fitness delivery:

1) What does health truly mean and how can we work to advance it holistically?
2) How do we create desirable spaces to evolve health at scale now and into the future?
3) What makes health development meaningful and accessible to everyone?

A mission driven page, newsletter, blog, resource, magic land of value, thing, to help reimagine the way we deliver health.

For Businesses

If you're someone that delivers health, fitness or wellness through a membership or community platform then this resource is for you. Our content is aimed towards owners, leaders and coaches from gyms, studios, health clubs and digital health services (health & fitness apps etc). Designed to inspire new ideas that answer the three questions that will define the future of health & fitness delivery, building the industry and enhancing your growth.

Here you'll find business development tools alongside new ideas that challenge existing pathways of thinking. Our content is designed to have actionable takeaways and create the critical conversation required to make good ideas great outcomes.

We don't do the fitness & wellness industry news - we look around corners and propose new ideas so that some day those news sites are writing articles about the success of your business.

Together we will fight back against the health crisis of sedentary lifestyles, obesity, mental health, social health and stand ready to face any future health challenges society faces.

Active Spaces, like yours, have the potential to be the foundational component of everyone's health as we grow mission driven businesses that hold the greatest fulfilment of changing lives, moving from fitness supporters to health, happiness, purpose and fulfilment drivers for everyone.

What Is An Active Space?

An active space is a concept created to embody the next evolution of health & fitness delivery. The idea has three core components.

Complete Health - A holistic approach to health & fitness delivery that incorporates physical health, nutritional health, mental health, social health, health intelligence and health longevity as the six equal principles that define the development of a persons health.

Community - the connection of people with common values, character and beliefs to develop health in shared spaces.

Experiences - services and content are consumed - experiences are lived. Forming a true connection with each persons health journey, experiences will redefine the desire to continually develop each component of a persons health.

Gyms can be active spaces. As can studios, health clubs, apps or even lone coach or creator platforms. It is the utilisation of these principles that defines the physical or digital space.

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How Will Active Spaces Shape The Future Of Health & Fitness Delivery?

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